This is where you will be able to come to view the rewards you can redeem for your all your points! THESE REWARDS ARE NOT YET FINAL NOR ARE THE AMOUNT OF POINTS IT TAKES TO RECEIVE THEM

Amount of PointsReward
15Want something sweet? Like maybe some candy? Well get 15 T-Points and you can have some!
20Ran out of hall passes? Well if you have 20 T-Points you can get an extra pass. RESTRICTIONS MAY APPLY
50Want to wear that new shirt you just got to school? Well get 50 T-Points and you can for a day, with Free Dress for a day. MUST FOLLOW HANDBOOK GUIDELINES
100Want to eat for free? Well get 100 T-Points and the lunch is on us for 1 day.
150Want a cool Trinity T-Shirt? Well get 150 T-Points and you can!